Transform Your Life

    One to One Sessions

    The Balance Procedure

    Laughter Yoga

    One to One Sessions

    Helping you realise and connect to your power so you can transform your life yourself.

    Be reassured of confidentiality and a safe place for you to express yourself without judgement but with love and acceptance of where you are right now in your life and what is present.

    With my support and guidance you can realise how amazing you are and how to love and be there for yourself.

    Life is always changing, situations come along which can be difficult to cope with but this is all part of the journey of life.

    Change is not bad, its just change even if we don't like it. Change is an opportunity to move on to something new. You can learn how to embrace change and not be scared of it or fight it because this can leave you feeling stuck, unhappy, frustrated and exhausted.

    You can be in control of your life.

    You can have a balanced life.

    You can understand your thoughts and feelings without being controlled by them.

    You can understand your fears and how they limit you.

    You can learn to love yourself more, be kinder to yourself and to others.

    Sessions available for Individuals and Couples.

    One Hour Session is £35.00

The Balance Procedure

This is a simple powerful tool which enables you to bring balance to all areas of your life.


Emotional Balance

Mental Balance

Physical Balance

There is no need to talk about the past, your awareness is brought to how you feel now in the present moment and asking yourself what it is you want.

Stress causes us to feel








Muscle Tension

The Balance Procedure is a tool to help you feel calm and relaxed again enabling you to think more clearly and back in control of your life.

It is very quick and easy to use, checking your energy is in balance each day. You will be shown how to use the cards and book with follow up contact for any questions which may arise.

Only One Session needed

then use daily at home

Session Price£90.00

Includes Book and Cards

Laughter Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine and it is scientifically proven that laughter brings great health benefits.

Laughter releases endorphins which makes us feel good.

Oxygen levels are increased making us feel more energetic, healthy and more relaxed.

With Laughter Yoga you learn to laugh even when times are hard helping you to keep a positive mental attitude.

This is a unique concept which combines laughter exercises and yoga breathing.

Even if you don't feel like Laughing - bring your body and your mind soon will.

Laughter Yoga Sessions

The sessions are fun, friendly and very welcoming.

Sessions include

Gentle breathing

Laughter Exercises which lead to natural laughter


Refreshments and Lots of Fun

Session runs for approximately 1½ hours

including meet and great with a cuppa.

Please ring for dates and times

Price £10.00